chisara n. asomugha

poet. writer. ARTIST.

.chisaraokwu. is an artist using her voice, body, and words to tell stories on-screen, on-stage and on the page. She was raised in Los Angeles to Igbo parents from Nigeria and is the eldest of four children. She began performing in front of audiences at the age of five and writing poetry and short stories in middle school that reflected the bicultural/bilingual environment that surrounded her. Never shy of doing the impossible, she became a physician despite her university's career counselors insistence she would never become one. In the midst of an award-winning career as a physician that took her all over the country and the world, she went on a creative sabbatical overseas and there made the commitment to use her gifts to create art that builds empathy, inspires joy and disrupts the status quo.

b.20th century




English, Igbo, Italian



The Creator & Humankind


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.chisaraokwu. has been a featured writer/guest columnist for Urban Cusp, Mums Village (Kenya), BK Nation and the Washington Post. Her poetry has been published by or forthcoming in Obsidian, Cider Press Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Page & Spine, Black Napkin Press, and others. Her reaction poem to the 2016 US Presidential Election was selected for inclusion in the 2017 poetry anthology "Desolate Country" (39 West Press). Her first volume of poetry, Evolution of a Saint (Words Build Dreams Press), was published in 2014. She was selected to be a resident at the Storyteller's Retreat (Cheshire, CT), The Lemon Tree House Residency for Writers in Tuscany, Italy, and the George Washington University Jean McKean Moore Community Writers Workshop on Fiction in Washington, DC. She is currently working on a second volume of poetry based on the Nigeria-Biafra War. When she's not writing or performing, she's creating a better reality for herself and others.

favorite word

"allora" - it's Italian for a lot of things.


writers who inspire her

Nikki Giovanni, Chinua Achebe, Jhumpa Lahiri, to name a few. Danez Smith is a phenom.


favorite subject to write about



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